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Our consultative and relational approach wasn’t born out of an effort to maximize revenue but from our effort to build lasting and genuine relationships with each of our clients. As a small, family-owned business in South Carolina, we see all of our partnerships as far more than just buying and selling. Truly interested in making businesses better from the ground up, we learn everything about our clients’ businesses: what works, what doesn’t work, their culture, etc. 

When we come in to provide our services, we extend our entire network as a solution for our clients. That means, if we notice an element of the manufacturing process that can be improved or costs that can be reduced with products or services we don’t offer, we won’t hesitate to connect our clients with someone in our vast network that can get the job done. Why? Because what goes around, comes around and we know it first-hand.


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Sonfast specializes in VMI programs that eliminate excess inventory and spending waste. A VMI agreement with Sonfast will streamline the inventory flow process, while reducing both risk and cost. We are experienced in SAP and EDI environments and poised to adapt to any existing supply chain requirements. Sonfast can provide lot traceable, bagged inventory to also simplify inventory control risk. Our VMI programs make complete strategic sense when considering how to improve your purchasing processes.


Sonfast has always thrived on the business model of JUST IN TIME delivery. If a VMI is not the route a customer chooses to go, Sonfast offers JIT supply by stocking items on a long term forecast or blanket purchase order. This makes it easier for both our customers and us, to respond to inventory fluctiation in a very short amount of time. Sonfast is proactive in planning and purchasing for its JIT partnerships and we don’t want you to have to worry about anything. When you’ve got Sonfast, your problems are solved before they show up!


All of Sonfast services are value added incentives to do business with us. Logistics is another way Sonfast can offer a competitive edge on what our customers spend. Sonfast will negotiate prepaid freight to any location on the East coast, based on the dollar value spent. We want to make our customers comfortable with doing business with us by taking as much off their collective plate as we can.


How many times have you left something at the shop or forgot to order a specific item? Regardless of whether it’s a safety item, a fastener, a tool, etc., the cost of having your work stop to leave a job site and buy those items at a hardware store cuts into your profits. Sonfast, on an as needed basis, can deliver those goods straight to your job site. If your job site is within 50 miles of either of Sonfast’s locations, we’ll bring it to you. Don’t lose time and money on the little things. Let Sonfast give you peace of mind on your job sites.


Sonfast wants to make everything easier for our customers. This comes down to all facets of our customers’ processes. Most specifically, we offer engineering support and application solutions on the FRONT END of design, R & D, and planning. We will look at your design, per application, and standardize specialty items, consolidate the number of parts used in a given product. Through standardization of hardware and reduction in line items in a bill of materials, we can offer more competitive sourcing strategies and ultimately pricing.

Contractor Van Stop

Sometimes you don’t have the space on your floor to hold inventory for your contracting vans and trucks. Sonfast is already holding your inventory and we can pre-pack by check list for each of your vehicles. Your workers can come to our door and get loaded up for the week or just for the job. Sonfast will work with your company to find the most sensible and cost effective way to equip your fleet for work!


Why you should consider Sonfast

• Our Engineering support is second to none.
• We offer world class quality products.
• Our employees have 30+ years in the business.
• Our prices and service will save your company money.
• Our people are fun to deal with.
• Our staff is reliable and trustworthy.


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