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Sonfast has 40+ years of experience in distribution and global sourcing. However, we pride ourselves on using that experience to dig deeper into the “WHY” behind our customers’ processes and designs. We want to be more than an order filler. We want to discover need through conversation and interaction. We want to be a part of production and the finished good. Anyone can fill an order. We are different because we ask questions; because we want to know more; because we want to be more than our competitors. From process to design/engineering support, sourcing and procurement, logistics and packaging, we are invested in changing the way you do business.


Standard and Custom

We offer a strong global supply chain to source almost any fastener item you need. Our technical team offers over 2 decades of experience to review and improve existing or prototype design applications for your finished goods. From nuts and bolts, to hose clamps and cable ties, our diverse fastener catalog is one of our major strengths.

Springs/wire forms

Sonfast has partnered with the best manufacturers in the world to produce complex wire forms and springs for any application.

Custom Rubber

Sonfast can provide domestic and international solutions on your rubber applications. We offer dozens of materials, durometers, for any environment.


From Deep Drawn to Fourslide, progressive die to short run, Sonfast has the solution.


Sonfast can provide the items you need to ensure a safe work environment and the right tools for the job.


Uncontrolled spending is a burden all manufacturers bear. Sonfast offers full service vending options to properly track and report consumption rates on these goods by employee.

premium ppe

With the pandemic declining, we understand there is still a need for quality PPE in hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics, and private practices. We are ready to serve our community with quality PPE, on time.


We’re experts in making your business run efficiently, saving you precious time and money.

Reputation is our Revenue