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My passion is uncovering needs of my customers and prospects through nurtured relationships. Those relationships are furthered through dedicated service and personal attention. Selling our products is the bonus produced by those relationships.

Sonfast was started by my parents, Richard and Debby Pappy in 1979. We started as a fastener house and since have evolved into a full service supplier offering hundreds of different products and the highest level of service in our industry. While my father’s legacy still exists, the company has a new face and a new mission. While we still are “Dedicated to Quality”, we offer a world class experience to our customers and we’re honored and humbled to do so.

– Paul A. Pappy


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Started in the business in September of 2000. Well versed in all aspects of our industry, Paul has spent 15 years of his career working with production lines, management, to eliminate or reduce bottlenecks in production ranging from engineering and design support, to standardization process refinement and people management. Paul can support any leadership related function of your business from the ground up.


Warehouse Manager

Wayne has been with Sonfast since early 2010 and is Sonfast’s longest tenured employee. Wayne has been running Sonfast’s warehouse in South Carolina since his hire and has been a consistent and loyal partner. Wayne spent much of his career prior to Sonfast as a warehouse manager for some of the largest grocery store chains in the country. His experience has allowed Sonfast to grow and flourish throughout his time here and we are so grateful to have him!


Warehouse Technician & Safety Manager

Antwon has been with Sonfast for a few years and has taken warehouse management to new heights. His self-starting and ambitious work ethic have propelled Antwon to new growth potential. Antwon exhibits eagerness to learn and put forth his best efforts for Sonfast customers. Antwon is a true asset.



With Sonfast near 10 years, Carrie has offered a wide variety of value add skills, primarily focused in the accounting and bookkeeping arena. She shows up every day with a smile on her face and a fierce loyalty to Sonfast and its mission, to serve to the best of our abilities.

Tracy Petit

Purchasing Manager

Tracy, with Sonfast for a few years, has a long standing background in inventory control, scheduling and logistics. Tracy is the Purchasing Manager for Sonfast and brings her expertise to the table for our customers to ensure a seamless execution of business transactions. Tracy is well organized and is a process based soldier.

Sam Wacha

Sam Wacha

Territory Sales Manager

Sam is our most recent hire. Haling from Minnesota, Sam brings the midwestern flavor to his technical and relational sales approach. Sam has an overwhelming drive to cultivate strong relationships based on partnership and need, not transactions. Sam has shown interest in learning all facets of our industry to make him the strongest resource for our customers and prospects.


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