Core Temp Abrasives

Sonfast is proud to partner with Core Temp Abrasives, in New Britain Connecticut. Core Temp Abrasives offers a high-quality selection of bonded, coated, and blending products. Dan Joza discusses the various products they offer through a detailed description of each product and its purpose. Each product is designed to give each project a smooth and fine finish. From flap discs to strip discs, Core Temp Abrasives has everything you need to complete any project.

Core Abrasives – Coated Series

Seattle Gloves – Popular Grip

Pinnacle Sales Agency

Pinnacle Sales Agency is another proud partner of Sonfast. We work with Pinnacle Sales Agency to represent durable, quality brands and products. Caleb Hedden represents Seattle Glove and showcases many specially designed products. Whether you’re working in construction, working in an oily environment, or steel work, Seattle Glove’s products allow you to work safely at any location with great dexterity and grip.

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