Last year, 2.8 million workplace injuries were recorded by private industry reporters in the U.S. More than 84% of these injuries are caused by slips, falls, contact with equipment, or overexertion. So, what needs to change in order to lower this staggering number of work-related injuries?

Create a Wellness and Safety Plan

The first step to creating a better and safer work environment is to plan. While not all injuries are preventable, it’s important to set a clear plan for a working environment to reduce the risk of injury. Creating a safety plan is essential, but nothing is more important than implementing it through proper training.

Educate Employees

Training employees isn’t a one-time thing. Creating a safer work environment, and reimplementing safety education among employees must be continuous. All employees must understand how the safety plan applies to them.

Don’t Take Shortcuts or Rush Production.

It’s easy for employees to get comfortable in their day-to-day tasks. However, comfort can lead to a lack of focus, which can ultimately cause injuries. When training employees on the safety plan, always ensure that instructions are clear and organized, so there’s no room for error.

Provide Necessary Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an essential element of any safe workspace. From hand protection to fall protection, all employees should have easy access to all of the safety equipment they need. High-quality equipment is the key to preventing injuries. Employees need products they can rely on when it matters most.

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