Different jobs require specific gear. Sonfast Corporation wants to make sure that every employee has the proper attire and high-quality supplies to help keep them safe at all times. But what does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) say about protective wear for high-risk jobs? Below are four examples of what you need to stay safe while working. 

  • Always Have Fall Protection

Fall protection is standard practice for employers and workers on any high-risk work site. Fall hazards are the leading cause of death among construction workers and other high-risk employees. To combat this threat, workers must remember always to be aware of fall hazards, especially if protection methods have not yet been installed. Never work on an unprotected area. When dealing with falling hazards, it’s always best to take the necessary precautions before attempting to work. 

  • Execute Proper Ladder Safety

Ladders can pose a massive threat to workers when mishandled. Employers and employees must have a sound understanding of how to use ladders to prevent falls safely. When workers ascend and descend from a ladder, they must maintain at least three contact points. This means that at all times, at least both feet and one hand, or both hands and one foot must remain on the ladder. All tools and equipment should be carried on a tool belt or hoisted up by rope once the climb is complete. 

  • Maintain Eye and Face Protection

Eye and face protection is essential while on the worksite. However, improper care of eye and face protection can cause a potential hazard to employees. This type of protection is crucial to prevent injuries from flying objects, welding, chipping, grinding, masonry work, sanding, woodworking, and drilling. However, if the protective equipment is chipped, broken, or too loose, it may not fully protect from surrounding hazards. Employers and employees should always inspect their eye and face protection before attempting any job. 

  • Always Wear Headgear 

Hard hats should be a standard expectation for everyone on a worksite. Protective headgear saves workers’ lives every day. However, workers must never let their guard down and remove their headgear while on a construction or worksite. Hard hats should be worn whenever there is a potential safety hazard. While on an active worksite, safety hazards are always present and could occur at any moment. That’s why workers should wear their protective headgear at all times. 

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